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Apple, Cheese, and Chive Salad

This is one of the BEST salads I’ve ever tried. It’s a staple on Cafe Lurcat’s menu (http://www.cafelurcat.com/). The last time we were in to eat our waiter shared the recipe with us. I expected a laundry list of ingredients, but there are only four; apple, Manchego cheese, chives, and olive oil.

Manchego is a sheep’s milk cheese from Spain, specifically the Manchega region and from Manchega sheep. (Thus the name). It crumbles in your mouth, but has a rich and creamy taste.

The beauty of this salad is the apple and Manchego are the same color. The green chives add a vibrant touch.

This recipe serves two people. Making it at home doesn’t quite stack up to the real thing, but it’s still delicious. You’ll need a sharp knife and a little bit of patience for the chopping. Apple, Cheese, and Chive SaladI found that I liked a 2:1 ratio of apples to cheese.


Two red apples (I used organic Honeycrisp)

One packaged piece of Manchego cheese

Handful of fresh chives

Two tablespoons olive oil


Peel and slice apples into small slivers. Do the same with the cheese.

Combine and mix together in large bowl. Drizzle olive oil on top and stir to coat. Add chives and mix more.


Apple, Cheese, and Chive Salad


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