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Mini Donuts

Could there be a better way to begin breakfast than a bowl full of house-made mini donuts? Really?

I think not.

Nibbling on warm, crispy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside, sugar-crusted donuts at  the Boon Fly Cafe in Napa is absolutely the most rightfully gluttonous way to welcome the new day. Hey, you’re on vacation. No shame in splurging.

This quaint little joint is part of the Carneros Inn compound in the Carneros region of the valley. We had such a wonderful experience staying here for our honeymoon last year, that we visited again when we celebrated our anniversary this year. It is heavenly. I can’t think of any other words to describe it. The rooms are small cottages with fireplaces, al fresco showers, and private patios filled with local vegetation. The grounds are scattered with fig and apple trees. The pool overlooks wine country, and it’s not uncommon to have horses wander up to the fence next to it.




But back to the donuts. Even if you aren’t staying at the Carneros Inn, the Boon Fly Cafe is well worth the drive for breakfast.


Mike ordered the BELT; meaning bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato all squished in between two slices of thick, buttery toast.



I’m a Benedict fanatic, so I had the Boon Fly Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs sitting on thick-sliced ham and warm Pain au Levain (an artisanal french bread made using a sourdough starter). The ham is so juicy and has some light marbling, not like the thin, tough slices of Canadian Bacon you see elsewhere. Everything is topped with jalapeno hollandaise.

Jalepeno Benedict


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